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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Acadia National Park on Schoodic Peninsula

We were going to go to another campground, but Joe decided he wanted to stay at the Super Wal-Mart for another night, in Ellsworth, ME. If we went to our next campground, we were going to have to pay full price the first night, because it was the weekend, and the campground rules were half price with America Passport, but not on weekends. It was Sunday, and the nights have been getting really cool, so you don't need AC. The park was first come first serve with no reservations, so we could change our plans.I thing he had this planned all along, but just filled me in at the last minute. The Super Wal-Mart is brand new, and several RVs parked with us the night before. We left our Nest at Wal-Mart and headed out for another day drive. We headed north from Ellsworth on Hwy. 182 to Cherryfield, ME. On our way we went past this lake.

There were no signs of the name of the lake. There was a lake on the map, but no name. If anyone knows the lakes name, please help me to identify it.

The map showed this Hwy. as a scenic highway, so we decided to drive it. We did not find it scenic, but maybe it would be in the fall, because there are lots of trees. We saw these Alpacas along the road. If you are interested in Alpacas you can visit them at http://blackwoodsfarmalpacas.com/. If you are in the area they have a store also on their farm. Unfortunately I didn't realize it until I googled for their farm name.

At Cherryfield, we headed south back toward Hwy. 1. Once back on Hwy 1, we headed back towards Ellsworth. At Gouldsboro, we turned south on  Hwy. 186. As we drove south on Hwy. 186, I spotted this home on the bay. If this home was for sale, I would like it also. A lot of the bay areas are wooded. Joe and I don't want a home in the woods. What a great view.

The home is located at 821 Big Moose Road. Who knows, maybe we will want to return to this area, so I  like to note areas with road and addresses!

Further down Hwy. 186 or also called Big Moose Road we come to Acadia National Park at Schoodic Point. This part of the park has a free entrance and is across Frenchman's Bay, about 44 miles from the main park.

Schoodic Point
As we got to the park, our clear day turned to heavy fog.

The park consist of a 2,366 acres, and a 5.5 mile one way park loop road with several turn outs for spectacular view. ( if it is not foggy). This pull out area was a very rocky shoreline, just waiting for exploration.

Just watch out for the hole while you walk in the fog.

Or the large crack!

A small flower amongst the granite stone.

Lots of small pools of water.

Watch your step!

There were many people here like us, even though it was foggy.

An area where the ocean crashes into the rocks, 

and sprays up high every once in a while,

and is very hard to capture in a picture with a point and shoot camera!

We left that pull out for another one further along the drive.

Blueberry Hill

This area had lots of perfectly smoothed rocks formed by the sea,

and Rosa Rugosa or Beach Rose that grows wild around oceans.

This kind of rose bush has fruit that is called hip. They are small reddish orange fruit that tea, jellies, and sauces, can be made from.The hips have high levels of Vitamin C.

As we left the park, I took this picture of a home on the bay.

There are four different trails in the park ranging from .5  to 1.1 miles. There is also a gravel road that takes you to the highest point of the park at 440 feet that gives you good views of Cadillac Mountain. We missed this road, and didn't know about it until I started to write this blog. The gravel road turns off the one way park road on the left shortly after you start the one way loop through the park.

On the way home we stopped at the scenic pull out on Hwy 1, that we stopped at the day before.

The view was the same, with about the same amount of fog.

 To bring you up to our current location; We leave Bath, ME. today, for Pownal, ME. for 2 days, which is just SW of Brunswick, ME. 

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