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Sunday, September 18, 2011

L L Bean, Freeport, ME.

We got ready to leave Blueberry Pond Campground.

I found in Joe's camera, these pictures of this mushroom.

I see why he took a picture of it. It is a interesting looking mushroom.

It was funny, because I had taken these pictures of these mushrooms, not knowing he had taken some also.

We left Blueberry Pond Campground around 11:00 on Saturday morning. When we left the park it was only 2/3's full. I thought it would have been full by now, according to the women who registered us, and wanted Joe to pay full price, even though he had been quoted 1/2 price for the Passport America membership.

Our drive was very, very short. About four miles short. We drove to the L L Bean Store in Freeport, and parked in the parking lot for the night. Our full time RVer friends, Dawn & Jeff told us that you can stay at L L Bean's outlet store's parking lot for the night.

After we got parked in the lot, we drove to Brunswick to go to the farmers market.

Someone told me that they thought fresh goat's milk was sold there.

There was not any goats milk at the farmers market, but we found some other good stuff to buy. Across the road from the farmers market was this beautiful flower garden.

We got back to the outlet stores, and decided to go to McDonald's for lunch.

You would not know that this was a McDonald's, except for the little sign.

It is a home turned into McDonald's.

After lunch, we walked around the outlet stores, that are all around the LL Bean stores. Then after dinner we went up to the L L Bean stores for a concert.

That evening the old band, "America", was playing free in the center park of the L L Bean stores. We just fell into this concert. It was not planned. We did not bring up our chairs, because Joe was not going to stay long, and I was going to go into the L L Beans Stores. They stay open all night long.

After getting a Ben & Jerry's, (which is located in the central park), we went into the L L Bean Home store before the concert started.

I like this chair and table. It looks like something you could make, pretty easily with wood and branches.

America started to play, so we headed outside to listen for a while. (Sorry my night pictures are blurry. I forgot to turn on the night scape)

We listen for about an hour, and our legs got tired from standing. We should have brought our chairs. I was waiting to hear the song, " A Horse with No Name". I finally told Joe I was going to go shopping in the big L L Bean store, so he went back to the Nest. Below is America playing Ventura Highway. Click below if you want to hear them play.
Inside L L Bean is this big fish tank.

You can climb under a bubble, that makes you feel like you are inside the tank with the fish.

I was in the bubble when I took this and the previous picture.

After I got out a man and his son got in the bubble.

There is a grizzly bear that I saw wondering around in the store. Be careful while you shop.

At 11:30, I decide it was time to go home, but it was about four blocks away. I called Joe and asked if he would come up to the store to walk me home. He said he was just about ready to go to bed, and he was going to call me. If I had not been ready to come home, I would have to walk home by myself. 

I waited outside by the L L Bean for Joe to come walk me home. The concert was over, and everyone had gone home or were shopping at the L L bean stores.  The last block in the parking lot was very dark. I am glad he came to walk me home.

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