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Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Drive to Explore First Half of Penobscot / Blue Hill Peninsula

While staying at Patten Pond Campground, we did another of our many, many day drive. We explored the first half of the Penobscot Peninsula, or the finger next to Desert Island/Acadia. Our route was south on Hwy. 176 to Surry, then south on Hwy 172 to Blue Hill to Hwy 172/175. At that point we arrived at this view.

This is the Blue Hill Bay.

It was a gorgeous day for exploring.

Desert Island, where the main Acadia National Park is located, is beyond these many islands.

This pretty harbor was in Brooklin, ME.

It is home to WoodenBoat Magazine Brooklin Boat Yard, and numerous boatbuilders, artists, writers, musicians and potters.

At this corner, we realized we had gone too far and turned back to Hwy.175 for Naskeag.  Joe found this building interesting, so I photographed it. It didn't turn out well, because I was shooting directly into the sun. It look as if someone was renovating it. Above the side door was an old sign that said, "Old Gentleman's Club"

On our way to Naskeag, which is the points of this peninsula we went past Amen Farms. Of course we had to stop, so I could say hi to the Nubian goats.

This farm had a great view of the bay. I guess that is why it's called Amen Farm.

Near the point, we parked and found a small park with this memorial, " Battle of Naskeag" I could not find any information  on it, so if anyone can fills us in on it, please do by leaving a comment.

An island across from the point.

A close up of the previous picture of a home on the island.

Looking NE toward Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

There is a dock at the point, where we watched a fisherman tow in a swamped dingy, and pulled it up on the shore.

Joe captured this sail boat enjoying the winds of the point.

While Joe watched the fisherman pull out the sunk dingy, I walked a small beach to search for shells or sea glass. 

After searching the beach some, we headed back and took Hwy.172 north to Hwy. 172/175.

On the way back we stopped at this bay/harbor.

I don't think I could ever get tired of these views.

A typical iconic Maine scene.

This was a very pretty drive.

At Blue Hill we took Hwy. 176 to Surry, then Hwy 172 north. We got this view off 172 high on a hill. You can see Acadia Mountains in the distance. At Surry we took Hwy. 172 to Ellsworth. This section was not very scenic, so unless you are going to Ellsworth, I would skip this part. 

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