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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meadowbrook Camping Area & Boothbay Harbor, ME.

We left Lobster Buoy in South Thomaston and headed south on Hwy. 1  with light rain. We passed Red's Eats on the way. It was Sunday, and there were only two people ordering their food for lunch. So if you do not want to stand in an hour line to eat at Red's Eats, you might try a Sunday with rain.
Our next neighborhood is at Meadowbrook Camping area in Phippsburg, ME.
Phippsburg is off of Hwy. 1 just past Bath , ME., on Hwy. 209 going southeast down the finger.It is a Passport America Campground, but we could not use our membership, because their discount began after Sept. 1st. The cost for the next four days was $41.73 a day. This does not fit our budget, so cuts will have to be taken elsewhere.
We were given 16D to park our Nest.
We got parked and set up just in time for Irene's effects to hit our area. We were so glad we were given a spot with no trees around us, and not in a low spot. About two rows below us was a line of trees and brushes that seemed to block a lot of wind. I forgot to take pictures of us set up, because the storm hit shortly after we arrived. These are pictures I took the day we left, just so we could remember this campground.
We got a lot of rain and gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour and that was it. One apple tree was blown over in the park. As you all know, Irene went west of us into New Hampshire and Vermont. We did have neighbors that sat in their truck almost all day, instead of sitting the out the rain in their fifth wheel. We were not sure if they had a problems or were just worried about the storm. We did not put our slide outs out till the next day fearing the possibly strong winds might tear the slide out covers, one of which we recently replaced due to age.
The sun was shining the next day, so headed north on Hwy 1 to Hwy. 27, and traveled down the Boothbay Harbor peninsula area. We took a right on Hwy. 27 toward Southport and then down to Newagen, ME.

At the most southern point of Hwy.27, there is a parking lot with a dock.
Time for lunch!
It was sunny but breezy. It was just to the point where you felt you might want a jacket.
Cuckolds Lighthouse south of Newagen, ME.
Built in 1892, and automated in 1907. The lighthouse stands 48ft.
On the way back toward the town of East Boothbay, Joe spied some goats and opened his mouth before thinking. Of course I asked him to stop. Nubian goats. No one was home, so I couldn't ask if they sold goats milk.
At the Y intersection, we took Hwy. 96 to East Boothbay. There are lots of fun shops,
many hotel, Bed & Breakfasts, cottages,
and restaurants.
We spent some time walking around the town, and in and out of the shops.
I enjoyed watching this gull trying to get some people food.
He kept taking out this bag and then throwing it back into the garbage can. He was trying to break open the plastic bag. I gave up watching as I knew he would finally get it open, but we didn't have all day to watch.
There are all kinds of tour boats that leave the harbor, just waiting for your money. One of the tour boats was a whale watching tour. Someday we will do that tour.
We had Mallery with us that day, and I am sure they don't take dogs, beside it was getting too late for an unplanned boat tour.
In the middle of the harbor and shop area, there is a walkway bridge that crosses to the other side of the harbor.
Looking back toward the shops from the middle of the walkway bridge.
Looking toward the town and end of the harbor area from the other side of the walkway bridge.
We left East Boothbay and continued down to the point. We stopped at this spot to look back at East Boothbay and the harbor.
We made a few stops on the way to the 2nd point on this peninsula.
There were also lots of cute cottages across the street from the coastline. But I forgot to take pictures of them.
This picture was taken at Ocean Point. The lighthouse in the distance is called Ram Island Lighthouse. I have a good close up of it, but I forgot to add it to the blog, and I can not figure out how to add a new picture after the blog is done. When I try to add a new picture it ends up at the beginning of the blog. If any one knows how to add pictures after all your other pictures are already in, please fill me in. After Ocean Point we headed home.

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