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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five Island, Georgetown, Bay Point, & Popham State Park, ME.

The night we came back from Fort Popham, Joe stopped at a lobster pound and bought 2 more lobsters. He asked if he could have two soft shell lobsters. We had ordered in Acadia one soft and one hard shell lobsters to try to see which we preferred. We both preferred the soft shell ones. The soft shell are much easier to break into and we thought the soft shell  were sweeter. They also cost a dollar a pound less. The hard shell do have more meat in them though.

I have lost count on how many lobster dinners we have had now.

The next day we drove back down the Bath/Phippsburg area peninsula, but drove Hwy. 127 to Georgetown and on down to one of the point. At the point Five Island is located.

In my book on best places to eat, listed this place for best fried clams. It was not in the top three, but made it in the top six. We didn't realize it until I looked at my book later on.

There is nothing much else at this point, except another sea food place, located on the same dock. There our two island straight out from the dock.

The other three are to the SE of the dock.

I really hate lobster pounds, because they are so stinky. They have lobster, as well as all other kinds of sea food. I like lobster and fish, but I hate that fishy smell at the pounds. I could not possibly eat at the picnic table they provide with that overwhelming smell. We did not stay long, because I am so sensitive to strong smells.

Across from Five Island Point is Hendrick Head Light in West Southport. ME. standing at 39 feet, and built in 1875.

On our way back on Hwy. 127, we stopped at Reid State Park.

We ask again, if we could drive through the park, just to see it. The ranger told us because Mallery was so cute we could go on in, for a quick look. Below the parking lot, is a small pond, where children were swimming.

We walked up the path to see the beach.

On the other side of the beach, there was a path taking you up on a rocky hill. Looking in the other direction of the beach.

At the top, I noticed a lady painting.

I went over to her, and asked her if I could see her painting. We talked a bit, and I found out she had been painting for about four hours, and that she was from MA. I asked if she had a card, so I could remember her name. She said they were in her car. She said she sold her paintings in some stores in Massachusetts. I then asked if I could take a picture of her painting.

This was her view.

We got back to the car, and drove to another beach area in the park. This was the second beach in the park.

From the beach you walk up a  path to the parking lot. Below the parking lot is a picnic area. The picnic tables were all stacked up. They must have stocked them in preparation of Irene or fall.

From the sand beach is a rocky beach.

The rocky beach is also just below the picnic area.

In between both beach areas is a swampy area.

Our next stop was to Bay Point.

There is nothing to see at Bay Point, but, between the dead end road of cottages, a view of Fort Popham across the Kennebec River.

We were glad our drive to this point had something worth the time spent to get there. There wasn't anywhere to park or pull over.

As we drove back through Georgetown, I had Joe stop at Georgetown Pottery.

I had fun looking around and found a mug with four season birch trees painted on it. I love birch trees, and have been looking for the perfect mug. The search is over.

They had other artsy stuff like these night lights.

I thought they were really cute. I might have to get some for my Nana kids. I got there online site for future purchases if I decide I want some.

We stopped to get a picture of this painted rock along Hwy. 127. We saw it on our way down.

The turtle had one broken leg in the back.

We drove back home and dropped Mallery off for the afternoon. We went back down Hwy. 209, to Popham State Park Beach. This time we paid the $6 each.

We asked the ranger before we paid if the tide was low enough to walk to the island. He looked at his clock and said, " It is getting there, just be careful". This is the part of the beach where the current has changed it and there is dune erosion and changes in the landscape of the beach.

As we walked on the beach, I noticed this bird chasing this gull all around.

When it caught up to the gull, it would put it's beak to the gull's beck. I wondered if this was a female gull. Any birder know why the brown one was chasing the gull around and putting it's beak to the gulls beak?

There were 2 different areas where we  could cross to get to Fox island. I watched a few other people making their way, before I figured out my path.

I crossed here, and the water just came above my knees. Joe held my phone/camera as I tried out the current crossing. You had to be very careful walking because of the strong current, and the bottom was very uneven with big holes. After I made it across, Joe came across with my I-phone. I would have taken a picture of him on the other side, but I didn't have my smart phone.

We were now on an area that was once covered by the river.

We had a couple more crossing, but they were only shin deep and much easier to cross.

Joe got way ahead of me, while I took pictures.

He took a picture of me crossing one of the more shallower now streams with my old and now his new point and shoot.

It was a perfect day, and getting close to 5:00.

While Joe raced to the island, I wander slowly.

I was getting use to the water temps now so I was enjoying the journey.

Every once in a while, Joe would stop and wait for me. He is almost to the island.

You can see the people climbing on the island.

On this island, we look out toward the Atlantic Ocean and see another island with a lighthouse.

I believe this is Seguin Lighthouse. It was built in 1857 and stands 53 feet.

Looking toward NE we could see this lighthouse. I believe it is the Pond Island Lighthouse we saw the day before from Fort Popham.

From Fox island we look back to the beach.

We start our climb around and up Fox Island.

Be sure to wear water shoes, or carry some for the climb.

There are a few wide spots between the boulders, you have to jump over, or find another route.

At the top we find a memorial for Dale Hatch.

Our last look across the waters to the beach, before we head back. By the way, this is the beach that the movie, "Message in a Bottle" was filmed with Kevin Costner in 1999.

Looking toward the route we will go back, where it is mostly all sand now. Be sure to get back before the tide starts to come in. People have had to be rescued because they dallied too long.

Just a small little stream to cross.

Joe left our names in the sand until the tide comes back in.

A lot less water as we cross back.

Joe charges off to the destination,

as I plod along enjoying the journey.

On our way home, Joe stops at Spinney's to get lobster for the 2nd night in a row.

Spinney's had the best price yet for lobsters at $3.95 a pound.

You can eat at the restaurant that has waterfront views, if you don't want to cook.

Spinney's water front views,

as well Pool Island Lighthouse views.

Joe took a picture before we ate. Much better meal than at the restaurant with fresh green beans and corn on the cob from the farmers market. Yum! ( Note: the paint brush was on the table for a project I have been working on. It was not a utensil)!

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