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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Harpswell, ME. Peninsula

As we drove through Brunswick, ME. to get to our day trip designations, I took a picture of the cow in the cup. From research, I found out that this use to be "The Udder Place". A retired lady from Foley, Alabama bought the building, when the previous business closed. She operated Katy's B.B.Q for 20 years in Foley, AL., and most recently Katy's Catering. When she retired, she left the catering business with her daughter and came to Maine to visit a brother. She and her brother found this building and decided to treat northerners with southern cooking. I wish I had read this before we left that area. The cornbread sandwich made with cornbread pancakes has been a customers favorite.

I had see it on our way into town when we were going to Blueberry Pond Campground, but didn't get a good picture.

The southern food is take out, and the meats are smoked behind the business?

We took Hwy. 123 from Brunswick down the Harpswell Peninsula. Half way down Hwy. 123, we took  Lookout Point Road.

Harpswell Inn looked like a nice B&B to stay at.

It sits up on a hill looking out to Middle Bay.

Bellevue By The Sea, another B&B was right down the hill from Harpswell Inn.

At the bay was a lobster  pound and dock.

Bring your boat, and just walk from the B&B each day to go boating or fishing.

Directly up from the lobster pound dock is a sign saying, " Seasonal Rental" with this phone # 207-831-7039.

We drove back to Hwy. 123. In Harpswell Center we got a good view of Merriconeag Sound.

At the end of Hwy.123, the point breaks into a pitch fork with three small points. We stopped at Estes Lobster House parking, lot to eat our lunch. The restaurant was closed that day. (They are closed on Monday). The restaurant has been serving since 1963, and are famous for their Lobster Mac & Cheese, and are the home of the "Throwdown! with Bobby Flay"

We sat in the car and ate our sack lunch,

looking out at Ash Point Cove.

Looking the other direction in Ash Point Cove.

After lunch we continued driving around the three points. I love all the details on the old homes.

The home before, this one, and the next one all sit across the street from one of the coves.

This one sits right at the end of one of the three points.

We stopped at another lobster pound in Ash Cove. 

Looking across to where we had just been. These lobster pounds are so smelly.

We stopped when we saw this relator's last name, Fontaine! I guess we can't buy it, because she does not have the correct name.

This is Charles Wooley's farms view on Basin Point Road.

We headed back up Hwy. 123, for about 6 miles to Mountain Road, which takes you over to Hwy. 24, another finger of the Harpswell area.

We stopped on the bridge that crosses onto Orr's Island.

A few miles down the road we cross another bridge onto Baily's Island.
This is Johnson Field Preserve and a view of  Mackerel Cove on Bailey's Island.

Lot's of lobster boats out there!

Another view of Mackerel cove with Stover's Cove in the Merriconeag Sound behind it.

Joe took this picture. He walked up from the preserve. He thought it was a house, but found it was some kind of business or government building. It has nice lines!

At the end of Baily's Island is Land's End Gift Shop, with lots of parking.

And a small beach at the point, if the tide is low.
Across from the point is an island with a home on it.

There is also a statue of a fisherman and a lobster at the point.

Close up of the house on the island.

The southeastern tip of the point is rocky off from the shore.

Looking out Casco Bay.

This sailboat comes in right next to shore and the rocky waters. He must have been though here before, and knows what he is doing.

The gift shop does not have restrooms, but has out houses up from the parking lot. The tanks had just been cleaned two day's prior, according to the schedule chart inside the port o potties, and the no bad smells. 

We headed back over the bridge back over to Orr's Island.

Stover's Cove in the Merriconeag Sound.

Cook's Lobster House off in the distance. The restaurant boast of great views of the only Cribstone Bridge in the "world". The Cribstone Bridge which connects Baily's Island to Orr's Island was built in 1928 with 10,000 ton's of granite. The design of the 1,150 ft bridge was complicated by the tides in the area.
We took Hwy 24 back to Hwy. 1, and then to Blueberry Pond Campground. This was the last of the fingers or peninsulas we saw in Maine. We have driven many 100 mile day drives, and Joe and I were getting a little burned out. We did not see all the peninsulas, but we saw almost 3/4's of them.

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