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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit, ME.

After our walk on the Marginal Way Walkway, and our stroll through Perkins Cove, we drove to a parking lot right next to the Ogunquit Post Office. The parking there is a 2 hour free parking. If you want to park right next to the beach, it is $10 for the day. On our way to the beach, we passed this B&B.

Somehow we took the wrong turn and found ourselves on the far end of the Marginal Way Walkway.

We turned around and headed for our mistaken turn.

We got back to the B&B.and headed toward the downtown area.

Nellie Littlefield House B &B was full that day.

It looks like a nice place to stay.

We walked through the downtown. This business has a real green thumb. The plantings hang down from the window boxes to the sidewalk.

There is a trolley that can take you all around Ogunquit, if your feet get tired. This is also a good map of the general area.

Across the Ogunquit River, in the far right side of the picture is where the Marginal Way Walkway runs.

We cross the river to get to the beach.

The tide was low and it was a gorgeous day.

Sand art left behind by someone.

Hi from Joe and Diane on Ogunquit Beach, ME., September 5th, 2011.

The beach is a great walking beach, because the sand is so hard packed.

But it is not a good shelling beach!

You can walk from Ogunquit Beach to Moody Beach, but we didn't, because our feet were getting very tired at this point.

Walking across the bridge toward downtown looking north.

Still looking north.

We found a short cut back to the parking lot.

I thought these were interesting shutters.

We looked for the short cut going to the beach, but could not find it.

Someone had told us about the short cut, but it was easier to find from the beach side.

It comes out by the Marginal Way House & Motel.

It is a big home not on the water,

But has a great view from the front porch.
I never got a chance to shop in the downtown area. There are a lot of shops throughout the town. It is a very cute town, and we enjoyed the day there. Because it is such a cute little town, it is also a very busy little town especially during prime season!

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