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Friday, September 23, 2011

Marginal Way Walkway, Ogunquit, ME.

Our second day at Moody, ME., we drove south just a few miles to the town of Ogunquit, ME. We drove to the Perkins Cove first. We were going to go on a walking trail referred to us by our campground. When we pulled in, we were told parking was $10 for the day or $3.00 for a hour. I had to use the restroom, so Joe asked the parking attendant where the restrooms were. We didn't want to pay the three dollars until we were ready to go. Joe drove through the parking lot to the end of the cove where the restrooms were and dropped me off. While I was gone Joe found a parking spot that is normally reserved just for the fishermen.Guests could use them only at certain times of the day. It just so happened to be that certain time  of day, so we had free parking. Blessings from above. Thank you Father! We walked through the little village to the start of the trail.

The trail starts behind all the paid parking, along the coast.

It was very thoughtful of the towns people to leave this piece of land for tourists and other towns people.

This guy was sitting next to one of the many benches along the trail where someone was eating, hoping for a handout. My sister in law, Renee gave me a new Bird Guide. I know he is a Gull without looking, but what kind of gull. From checking the guide I am going to say it is a adult Herring Gull starting to go into it's winter colors. It looks to have pink legs. I didn't get it's tail, so I can not tell if it has white spots. It looks like it is starting to get a red dot under the bill, which further suggest a Herring Gull. Birders, am I right or wrong?

The walk along the sea is paved.

There was a fair amount of people on the path that day.

There are a few spots where you can climb on the rocks.

No dogs are allowed on the path during prime season. They are allowed from Oct 1 to March 31.

There are several spots that take you down to the rocky shoreline beach.

The walk is from Perkins Cove to overlooking Ogunquit Beach.

There are several Inns near the end of the path. This is the Beachmere Inn, a more upper scale Inn.

Near the end you can see Ogunquit Beach across from the Ogunquit River.

Close up of Ogunquit Beach.

Anchorage By The Sea, another hotel/motel that is located along the Marginal Way Walkway.

In the Inn/Motel/Hotel area, the landscape is impeccable.

And lots of yummy colors in flowers

Old and new!

Another view of the Ogunquit River that lies between the Marginal Way Walkway and the Ogunquit Beach.

If you want to get to the beach from the walkway, you have to walk 1/4 of  mile through the shopping district and across the bridge to the beach.

I didn't get the name of this motel, but it was right next to the Anchorage By The Sea.

More pretty flowers that I needed to capture.

My husband waited patiently for his poky wife.

Watch out Joe, the flower is after your lunch pack!

Still patiently waiting.

The path is said to be an old lady's trail according to hardy hikers; but it is a beautiful walk anyway along the Maine coast! I enjoyed it, and I will never be an old lady, until maybe 100!

Another view of Anchorage By The Sea with all it's sun bathers on the lawn.

If you want a longer walk, you can walk from the beach along Marginal Way Walkway, and then walk the loop along  Shore Road back to the beach. You will have walked about three miles doing that route.

We only walked the 1 1/4 mile to the end and then back, for a 2.5 mile walk.

There are 30 benches along the way, so sit and enjoy the sea breeze,

or watch the birds as you sit.

There is a small light house along the path. I do not believe it is real.

While Joe ate his lunch, I went to take more pictures. I wasn't hungry, because I had just had a snack.

We watched some surfers, but I didn't get any good pictures.

After Joe got done with his lunch we continued our way back. The light house is called Lobster Point Lighthouse. Originally built in 1948, renovated in 1993, and reconstructed 2009, to look more realistic.

On the way back to Perkins Cove I captured a picture of this yellow ranch home right next to the walkway.

It was neatly maintained with a sigh saying ,"weeds were free," though I did not see any to pick. Plus there was a sign that said,

" Dreams Do Come True". So keep dreaming, I know I always will!

We head back up one small hill.

This spot probably has a great spray of water at just the right tide time.

But nothing on this day.

A look back at where we started, Perkins Cove, an old fishing village turn into a tourist shopping and restaurant area.

The walkway takes you right in front of a restaurant/cafe. The food smelled good, but don't come when the tide is out.  The two smells competed too much for me!

Just down from the restaurant/cafe was another restaurant just on the other side of the parking lot called,

"Jackie's Too". If you didn't bring your lunch, there are plenty of other places to eat besides these two. It is a really nice walk, and after Oct.1 you can bring your four footed best friend along too!

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