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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Johnson Hall Museum, Wells, ME.

Another day drive while at Moody Beach Campground started at Wells Beach. We parked along the coast and looked north toward the beach area. Tide is high, so you have to walk along the rocks a bit to get to the beach.

Close up of the beach.

As we walked backed to the car, I took a picture of all the older people that were sitting on the benches and just enjoying the sun, sea, and breeze. That will be the day, when Joe and I just sit and enjoy our surrounding. There is just too much to see!

Just north of Wells on Hwy. 1, we stopped at Johnson Hall Museum.

 I had not seen the sign and thought we were at a antique shop. A man was outside digging out grass between the cement cracks in the drive. I had just taken out my camera for a picture, and he said it cost $5 for the museum. I said, "You're kidding right"!
He said no, and pointed to the sign. He said we could look around on the outside though, because everything on the porch was for sale. Note the caboose, I will tell you a story about it later.

So Joe and I were walking around the yard, checking out this guy's stuff.

This is a picture of this guy's place.

As we walked around looking at stuff, he told us that he was going to be on American Pickers, in a few weeks and be in a six page article in a magazine. He told me the magazine, but I have forgot the name of it.

As I started to write this blog,  The TV show American pickers came on our TV and I watched Mike, one of the pickers, poke around the same stuff we poked around. How ironic that we had just looked at the same stuff that was now being shown on my TV screen. 

If I had a home that was bigger than our Nest, I would have bought a few things.

Mike from the pickers ended up buying the train caboose for $2000.

View from Johnson Hall Museum. The entrance has two large column entrances, that I am sure are for sale for the right price.

I really liked this giant tea pot, though I don't know what I would do with it. I asked the owner what it cost, and he gave me a price that blew me away. I heard the word billion and something; about it coming from someplace famous. He basically said the price would buy the entire place and the tea pot.That one expensive tea pot!
We left Joe's sister's home in Medford, MA, and are now in a campground SE in Rodchester, MA. for four days, to poke around the the cape area. This campground is one of the Thousand Trails Campgrounds, so it is a free spot while we are here.

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  1. Drove by this place but they had a wedding going on. I'm glad you took the nice pictures.