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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bandon, OR. Day 3

                                  Monday 6/24/2012

On our third day in Bandon, we took a road that is right next to our campground toward the ocean to Beach Loop Rd. The first stop was at Devils Kitchen

To get to the beach at Devils Kitchen, you had to take a trail that went through a stream. You can't see it in this picture, but there was stakes with red flags all over the beach. There was a host in the parking lot sitting in his car. ( a sign was located next to his car saying, "Park Host"). He came up to us while we were reading  some signs.


He told us that this was a Snowy Plovers nesting area. There was a guy driving out on the beach in a four wheeler. The host told us he checks out the nests, and when the babies are born he bands them. He has been doing this for years, so the mother bird are not bothered by him.

We went up the road to the north and found another parking lot with a trail to the beach.

Nice big home on the Bandon Beach Coastline.

It looked like it could rain, so we just walked to the beach and looked south,


and north.

We climbed back up the trail to the parking lot.

Our next stop was at Face Rock View Point.

I would love to have that home, sitting high above the ocean. We are still in Tsunami area, so this home looks safer than others.

Beach out in front of the home on the bluff.

In the distance, I could see some horseback riders on the beach.

As we drove to the Face Rock parking lot, we had seen a horseback riding business just south of Face Rock View Point. I had mentioned to Joe that it would be fun to ride horses on the beach, but because it looked like it could rain, I didn't want to take the chance that day. These people took the chance. I used our zoom lens for this picture.

Homes up from the beach south of Face Rock.

Pink legged gull. I believe this is a Western Gull.

I watched it as it walked along the trail, not bothered by people.

as I got closer, it walked onto the grass,

and wild clover.

Natural beauty.

Back to the horseback riders.

Now you can see why this place is called Face Rock!

Homes north of Face Rock.

North of Face Rock toward the ocean.

We continued north on the Beach Loop Rd. to Old Town Bandon.

 To be Continued:


  1. Hi Guys, It's Leslie from Eureka, I'm having my treatment at the clinic and it is doing me a lot of good. Thank you for the kind words and the shout out as you came through Eureka. Did you happen to notice the high gas prices here? Some of the highest in the nation,got up to $499.9 for reg unlead earlier this year! Hope you didn't get fuel here as Joe would hate it.LOL I appreciate the info on Wallmart you provided. I have learned so much helpfull info about rving from ya. I think Joe should post a money saving tip every week or month. I for one would really enjoy that. Love the new zoom lens you are using, great photos as always. We stayed at Imperial rv in Citrus Heights also. We ate at a dinner some of the residents had prepared. All you could eat Spagaetti,Salad Bar, Garlic Bread, Ice Cream and beverage for $5.00. Yummy and what a great deal. I think they do it once a month. How are things with Nest 2, have you had to get work done in Oregon?Got a kick out of the Duck crossing sign, it reminded me of Rocklin, CA where theres a street in town where you have to stop so that all the bunnies and Geese that live in a nearby trailer park can cross the road. Its down the street from Camping world if you are ever in that area. They cross all day long! Really cute to watch though. Joe, was it worth $200.00 and lunch cost to ride Jerrys jet Boats? How is Mallery doing? Raven is 1/2 Yorkie and 1/2 Schouzer= Yorkie. I would like to get a Yorkie someday. Thank you both so much for all of your time and effort into the work it must take to put out such a wonderful blog. I'm sure you have many many followers. Have fun guys and may GOD BLESS you and keep you safe on your travels. Leslie +_+

    1. Hi Leslie, Joe and I both agree the Jerry Roque Jets were worth the money. It was a lot of money, but it was a full day of fun, except for the last 1/3 ride back to the coast. I gave Joe your suggestion on money saving tips. Lets see if he does it. I think it's a good idea also. He has greatly influence me also. I never pay interest on my credit cards. I always pay off my bill month to month. ( never spend more than I pay off at the end of the month) Never did that until I met Joe. I do spend more on things then Joe does though. Didn't notice the gas as we drove through, but did notice the gas prices were very high in CA. Prices are better in OR or the prices have just dropped down again. Not sure. Have you done any RVing travels this summer. If so where have you gone? How old is Raven? Mallery is doing good. The coast is so much cooler, which is good for her. I would love to see the bunny and geese crossing. I will have to keep that town in mind for future trips.