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Monday, July 9, 2012

Klamath River RV Park, Klamath, CA.

Thursday 6/14/2012

I left you in our last blog here entering Klamath River RV Park.
The turn into the park comes up fast and it is a very tight turn to the right, with a steep downhill and a bad speed bump (unusually large) into the park.
The sites are on the  grass and are pull throughs if no other RV's are in the site behind the front sites.
This is a Coast to Coast campground,which cost us $10 a night.
Shower  and laundry rooms. The washer cost $ 1.00 a load. ( Our washer and dryer broke down 2 weeks prior, so at that price, we did some laundry)

The in roads are gravel, not a problem for us, but Mallery doesn't like them.
We were given site # 17
All in all, it is a very nice, well maintained, quite campground. There is a extra charge of $4 a day for electricity. (Which was kind of high since we never used our air because the weather was cool while we were there).
It cost $5.00  a day extra for front row river view sites. We chose to not pay that extra fee.
They have four chairs down by the river. There was usually a couple of people sitting in them every evening. 
Looking east up the river. The bridge over the river is Hwy. 101, which we crossed over, when we left this campground.
The grass area in front of the river is the pet area.
Looking west where the river empties into the ocean.
View of Klamath River RV Park from the road.
We could not get any internet at this campground. The campground had WiFi for $2 a day or $30 for a month.  We paid for the WiFi for 2 of the days, whiles at the park. The signal was sometines good and other times not good.


  1. Thank you for posting the great pictures of the park and all the nice comments...
    Klamath River RV Park

    1. You are so welcome! You have a great RV park and we really enjoyed our stay there.