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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old Town Bandon, OR

                                   Monday 6/24/2012

After driving Beach Loop Rd., we stopped at Old Town Bandon.

Tim, the hairdresser at Jeffrey's recommended Tony's Crab Shack in Old Town Bandon for lunch or dinner. We stopped at the Visitor Center in Old Town, because I couldn't remember the name of the place. All I could remember was that it was a guys name.

After looking at the restaurant list in Old Town Bandon, I remembered it was Tony's Crab Shack. The lady's at the Visitor Center said the Fish Taco's were real good.

When we got there it was very busy.

I have been looking forward to clam chowder ever since I had some at the Maine Diner in Wells, Maine. It was the best Clam Chowder I have ever had. We ordered the clam Chowder. It just didn't measure up to the Maine Diner in Wells. We should have gone with the Fish Taco's.

After lunch we went shopping. After being in one shop too long, Joe said he was going to go down to the docks. He left and I shopped alone.

I was glad to know where to go if I felt a earthquake.

We have seen so many signs on the coast about Tsunami's, that I could not help but worry about going to sleep when we were at Gold Beach and our campground was sitting next to the beach.

After shopping I headed down to the boardwalk. ( I forgot to mention to be sure to stop into Cranberry Sweets, they have a ton of sample of their sweets to taste).

The boardwalk has a collection of childrens paintings of sea monsters that add color and charm to the town.

It also has beautiful wood sculptures of marine life and benches or chairs.

Wood carved chair on the boardwalk.

Seal and totem pole sculptures.

The boardwalk also has a glass enclosed picnic pavillion in the center.

One of the many artistic paintings that line the boardwalk.

Off from the boardwalk is the Weber's Pier that you can see off in the distance.

The paintings are done by all ages of children.

The paintings, boardwalk and the harbor in Bandon.

View looking toward the harbor.

Seahorse sculpture.

The Coquille River Lighthouse off in the distance, as well as the pier below.

The pier that Joe hung out at while I shopped.

Joe took these pictures on the pier while I was shopping. I will let him tell you about the pictures.

This is a grandfather and his grandson pulling up their crabtrap.

The pot arrives at the surface.

This is someone elses catch. You can only keep the male crab. I was told that most of these are female and must be thown back. Also they must be measured and can only be kept if large enough. They told me that there is someone at the peir everyday to check your catch and the fine for cheating is pretty stiff. I also learned that the reason most of the crabs here are female is because this place is over trapped and most of the males have been caught already. You can buy these crabs for about $9.00 a lbs uncooked or a dollar more to have it cooked. I bought one for dinner that night.

A man came in from a small boat and showed me his catch. You catch more males from a boat away from the pier.

Here at the cleaning station he started cleaning his catch and separating the claws from the bodys. The claw meat is more tasty that the body meat. You can rent crabbing equipment at the tackle and bait shop nearby.

View looking back toward Old Town Bandon.

Joe stopped in this resturant as they were advertising fresh fish for sale. Joe bought a small filet of pacific rockfish to take home and cook himself.

We left Old Town Bandon and headed toward Langlois, a town just south of Bandon. We were headed for a food market there, but stopped at the "Washed Ashore" en route.

We had seen this bird on previous drives into Bandon from our campground, but never had stopped.

It's hard not to miss this large object.

Next to the bird is a sea lion.

This is the chest of the big bird. Lots of  PLASTIC washed a shore.

The beak of the bird is made up of shoe soles.

The feathers are made up of tons of different plastics that have been cut to shape.

So cool what this artist has created out of the world old plastic leftovers.

He/she has a sign directing where to leave beach washed up debris.

Bandon is doing a good job at doing their share of keeping their beaches pristine!


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