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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crescent City, CA.

Saturday 6/16/2012

Trees Of Mystery is just a few miles north of Klamath, CA.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, got our attention as we drove up Hwy. 101 for a day drive from Klamath.

This is the third Paul Bunyan we have seen in our travels. One in Bemidji, Minnesota, one in Three Rivers, CA., and this one in Klamath, CA.

Here is some information with the size of the Klamath Paul Bunyan. When you see Paul Bunyan, you are at the Trees Of Mystery. We had Mallery with us and dogs are not allowed in, so we couldn't go in.. There are gondola rides with a vertical rise of 571 feet up, and to an altitude of 742 feet. Trees Of Mystery also has a Native American Museum, a Forest Cafe, Motel Trees, and a gift shop. For more information go to their website at http://www.treesofmystery.net/

We continued up Hwy. 101 and entered into the Redwood National and State Parks.

At the Redwood National and State Park sign, there is a good viewing spot of Crescent City Harbor CA.

I zoomed in to see the lighthouse, but it didn't show up well, so we got out our new zoom lens.

Much better with the new lens. The new lens has been coming in handy for many pictures.

Battery Point Lighthouse

Our next stop was at the Crescent City Beach for our sack lunch.

As you can tell by the way Joe is dressed, it was a bit cool.

Looking south down the beach. Our next stop was to Crescent Beach Overlook, on top of the foothill in this picture.

Crescent Beach Overlook

Looking south again.

Zoomed in

A wedding was to begin on the Overlook in about 15 minutes, so the deck was taped off.

Zoomed in to the north from the side of the deck.

All the trees in this area have moss hanging from them. I guess from all the moisture they get on the coast.

Downtown Crescent City had a pier/ jetty we drove out on. This is a view of a downtown beach. There were a few beach goers, and a few:


In the Crescent City Harbor  Park, we found this lovely carved:


We also got a closer view of Battery Point Lighthouse.

There were some pretty pink geraniums lining the harbor for this shot of the lighthouse.

The zoom lens helped out once again.

There was a group of locals drinking and playing instruments in the middle of Crescent City Harbor Park.

The Park Headquarters Information is located at 1111 Second St. in Crescent City. We stopped by to get maps and park information. I found this picture of the waterfront of Crescent City, CA. after  the 1960 tsunami.

To be continued:

 We are still currently in Junction City, OR. sitting at the Guaranty RV Super Center's RV Park across the street. We had planned on leaving here on Sunday, but because of some delays, we won't be leaving until hopefully Tuesday.

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