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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Robin's Nest RV Park & Bandon Beach, OR.

Saturday 6/23/2012

First off, This is Joe writing this blog. Diane picked out the pictures. Diane is doing dishes, while I do this. I looked out our front window and said Holy Cow, thats an awfully big ship coming into the river enterance to the river from the ocean. We couldn't figure out what it was doing there. We first thought it needed reapairs and stopped to pick up parts.. It kepted going one way and then another way in the inlet. We later found out that it was dreadging the inlet out. It was.
It was moving day. We pull out of our campground in Gold Beach and wave goodbye as we have done a hundred times before. We cross the Rogue River bridge and head north. (this won't be the last time we see this river).

I reallly love this bridge. It kind of reminds me of Hover Dam.
Bandon, that's where we are going.
A few clouds, hope no rain.
The first few miles turned out to be some not so smooth driving.  In the Nest, a dip like this can send dishes sliding, if you don't slow down.
More places in the road that are very bad for big Buses going 50 mph. In a car you might not think this is too bad, but it is in a big rig.
Fianally the road gets better and straighter. This is Humbug Mountain State Park. The park has several trails to be hiked, but not for us on this trip!
Diane gets to check out the ocean veiws as we come close to the water again.  I keep my eyes on the road ahead. Hwy 101 follows the ocean and then goes inland and back to the ocean over and over again.
We arrive in Bandon, OR. before you know it. Nice big sign at our new home to greet us.
Not a very big park. When I made reservations here I thought this park had been recommended to us, because Diane had it written in on our map. Turns out that wasn't the case. Too late now. It was $27 a night with our Good Sams discount. We were told that the town was interesting and a great location to use as a jumping off place to go sightseeing.
Not very many people, but it was well maintained. 
Next door to our park was a wood carving business. This is one of the more elaborate carving's being created.
The next day we drove back south about 10 miles to the town of Langlois. This is the town that the lady Inge, whom we met at the Historic Hughes House, back at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse State Park, who told Diane to come here for a great hair cut and color.Diane had an appointment at Jeffrey's. Inge has a shop called Inge's Studio 2 in the same building, but on the north side of the building. The shop had apron's, todder beds, place mats, yoga mats, dog beds and etc. Diane's hair appointment was on Sunday, and Inge's shop was closed, so Diane could not check out her shop.

Diane was lucky to get in as this hair dresser, usually didn't take on new clients. It was only because Inge had recommend Diane to Jeffrey's, that she was able to get in. This guy turned out to be some fancy San Fransico hairdresser. I will let Diane tell you about him. This is the entrance to not only his business, but 3 other peoples businesses, including Inge's. You can rent  rooms on the second story, that are complete stocked with everything you might need at Vacation Rentals. Tim, the hair stylist told Diane that the rental rooms are fully stocked with everything you need for a stay.

I dropped Diane off looking like this, and drove back to our park (she said it would take a couple of hours to color and cut her hair).

I picked her up looking like this,with her new dew.

After Diane's hair appointment, we went north for a day trip to Coos Bay. Part sightseeing and part to go to a farmers market that Diane read about on the internet. Unfortunately the farmers market was not where it was suppose to be. Someone forgot to delete the information on the internet, that the farmers market was not held on that day anymore.We found a store in Coos Bay instead.

After a not so interesting 20 min. drive we arrive at Coos Bay. Lots of  lumber in this lumber yard.
There is a nice boardwalk along the entrance to the large harbor.

Another picture of the harbor.

We were not that impressed with Coos Bay. We did our grocery shopping and headed back to Bandon. We spotted the lighthouse across the entrance to the harbor in Bandon on our way home.

Not too impressive, but a lighthouse non the less.
Our new zoom lens makes a big difference.

Now it looks better.

Diane can't resist trying to capture the birds in flight.

She is getting pretty good at this.

One last try. This is the jetty out  into the ocean that was built to protect boats coming in.

We dove up to the city beach, located at the end of the jetty. The people in this truck were feeding the gulls. No wonder there were so many birds in flight and were getting into Diane's pictures. I though she was doing it on purpose.

Bandon sits on the Coquille River.

Coquille River

We have seen a lot of animal crossings, bear,dear,elk, cow's but never ducks. This was a first.

Public beach in Bandon, OR.

A true Oregon beach with the huge rocks sitting out in the surf.

We got Malley out and took a walk on the beach. The Coquille River Lighthouse was in the distance.

As you can see, I had my jacket on as it was cool.

It would have been nice to have some sunshine, but not to be.

Nice new homes on the cliffs above.

These rocks used to be part of the mainland years ago. The ocean slowly takes the land away.

Diane, with her new haircut.

We leave the beach below and decide to check out the scenic drive on our way back to the RV park.

This is the view of the city beach from a hill above. You can see the jetty going out to the ocean. You can also see the small lighthouse on the right side of the picture.

Looking the other direction away from the town. This is what makes Oregon different. It also is Diane adding in the flowers.

Our skies are starting to clear.

As we continue along the scenic road back to our park we come upon a small hotel with a great ocean view and a walkway down to the beach. This is a truly great view.

Looking to the left..

Diane loves to add the flowers to the scene.

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