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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oceanside RV Park, Gold Beach, OR.

Tuesday 6/19/2012

The morning we got up to leave Klamath River RV Park, fog rolled up the river.

This is very common on the northern coast.

Joe took this picture of a bird that was sitting on our RV mirror. It looks like a very colorful bird. It looks like some kind of parrot, but I didn't think parrots are this far north..

As we cross the Klamath River we see two of the many gold bears in Klamath.

Looking out the window to the west, we say goodbye to Klamath River RV Park. It is a very nice park and highly recommend it.

On the other side of the bridge, there is another set of gold bears.

The drive from Klamath, CA. to cross the border into Oregon was about 35 miles. This was a new state for both of us.

Just across the border I saw this little village/park called Whaleshead Beach Resort in Brookings, OR. I read on the internet that this town of Brookings has the most sunshine of all the cities on the Oregon coast.

Views as we travel up Hwy 101 north of Brookings, OR.

After a short 75 mile drive, we arrive in Gold Beach, OR., our next new hometown. Gold Beach had a population of 1,897 in 2000.

We missed a turn, but luckily we were able to go around the block to get back on track.

A couple we met in Arizona told us we should stop in Gold Beach, so Joe found Oceanside RV Park, in Gold Beach, OR.

The manager offered us a front row ocean view spot.

It was a back in spot, but he told us we could drive in if we had a long enough hose and electrical cord to get the ocean views. Our site did not have sewer hook ups, but we only stayed for 4 days, so that was not a problem. Our partial hook up site cost $27.27 a day. Full hook ups cost $30.30 a day. My penny pinching husband said "why spend $3.00 a day for something we can live without?"

The park was pretty empty, as the season does not start there until July. This is a picture of the pavilion and our Nest in the background. The park gets real busy in July through the fall with fishing of the Chinook salmon and Stealhead trout.

The pavilion is probably used a lot because the average temperature in July is 67.7 degrees.

Outside the pavilion, on the patio, there is a wind breaker wall facing the ocean. There were two couples grilling out on the patio, and I though they were crazy because it was so windy. When I went over to remark on their bravery and to see if we were invited for dinner, they told me it wasn't too bad in front of the wind break wall. They invited me in to check it out for myself. I found it seemed like a beautiful calm day on the patio. The couple told us we needed to do the jet boat rides on the river before we leave. The couple we met in Arizona told us to do the jet boats also. With two recommendations of the jet boats, we put it on our list of things to do before we leave Gold Beach.

The park also has two Yurts you can rent, if you do not have a RV. They rent for $35.35 a night and sleep up to 6 people. No cooking, smoking, or pets are allowed in the Yurts.

Gold Beach was just too cold for me, and  Mallery really hated their roads because not only were they gravel, there were sand burs mixed in the gravel.

Gold Beach sits on the Rogue River, as well as the Pacific Ocean.

There were three of us facing the ocean. Us from Iowa, and this one from Ohio.

The third one from Nebraska. Three Midwesterner's sitting together facing the Pacific Ocean.

That evening we watch the sunset on the Pacific from our home.

Joe went outside to take these sunset pictures.

For more information about Oceanside RV Park in Gold Beach, OR., go to their weblink at http://www.oceansiderv1.com/

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