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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laguna Beach Part II


After driving around Huntington and Newport Beach we headed for Laguna Beach. We found a parking spot, so we could walk around the town. We found a spot that took us down to the Pacific. More surfers enjoying the day! As we walked down the stairs to the ocean, I enjoyed the blooming vines on the cement wall, as well as the painting on another wall. Joe at the bottom of the stairs.I took off my shoes and enjoyed our walk in the sand. The tide was out leaving fossil boulders on the shore. And sea weed covers these boulders. I think this is a home, or maybe a condo Another nice home along our beach front walk. This property was lost in a storm in 2006 according to the painted message on the wall. The beach was being enjoyed by many. At the public beach we talked to a woman who reminisced about coming to this beach as a young girl and how things have changed over the many years. As we started to leave the public beach. Boardwalk to the public beach. As we walked back to our car I saw this doorway. Yes we live the good life! Then we came upon this small narrow park. Joe said he thought this was an area where the house I saw earlier that was missing, had been turned into a park. At the end of the small park, there was a look out spot to the ocean. In this fleeting moment what extravagant respite as booming surf speaks its mystical passage across the undreamed depths. The view from the park. Back out to the street we continued back to the car. You can rent the surf shack, or the Cottage Bungalow. We turned the corner after this cute business to our car. Then we continued down the Pacific Coast Hwy. or Hwy 101 Again we decided to take the Hwy through the Santa Ana Mountains which you can see in the distance.. Like all mountain roads it was very curvy. And again we stopped at the top before heading to Lake Elsinore. It was a much warmer and clearer day. Joe does have others shirts other than his Crandic shirts, and you finally get to see one of them! Half way down the mountain. Still coming down. Great picture as we whizzed down the switch backs down the mountain.

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