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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ocean Beach Part II


After hanging out at the dog beach we went to the non dog Ocean Beach, which is a community on the ocean in San Diego. We are really enjoying all the different communities and beach areas in San Diego.
Flowers along the sidewalk as we approach the ocean boardwalk.
Birds fight over some food thrown to the them.
This is a neat pier with a small restaurant.
This community is known for its "hippie, surfer, laid back attitude. As we walked around the shopping and restaurant section off the beach we came across this "International Hostel". I didn't know we had such places in the U.S. I thought there were only found in foreign countries. Check out the Old Peace sign!
We were told that if we wanted a great bacon cheeseburger we should go to Hodads. So here we are.
It is 11am and as you can see a line has formed. We decided to walk around town a little more in hopes that the line would disappear after the lunch hour.

We came back about 1pm and the line was still there. This is a picture of the open air counter you can sit at. I see a sign saying to come inside if you want your hamburger to go. I go inside, the place is packed. There are long picnic type tables you share with your fellow patrons. The walls are covered with old stuff and hundreds for licence plates. I order 1 double bacon cheeseburger and told them to cut it in half. Cost, $11.00. They take my name and tell me to wait out front and they will call me on a speaker outside when my order is ready, about 20 min. they say. I go out and stand with Diane and Malley in a shady area beside the building.
I see this cute little micro bus with the Hodad's advertising on the window.

Malley waits patiently hoping she will get some lunch too. The aroma's are so strong she is licking her chops.
Finally I hear my name and this is the $11.00 hamburger.
We sit on the beach wall and try to decide how to tackle this behemoth that they forgot to cut in half.
We decide that I should go first and eat half and then pass the remaining half to Diane. Here goes, this thing is about 5 inches thick and is full of bacon, hamburger, lettuce, big slices of tomatoes and 1/4" thick slices of onion; not to mention a handful of pickles and the usual overload of ketchup, mustard and mayo.
I can't get a good taste of all that is in there at the same time, its just too big.
While I eat Diane checks out the beach.
Malley is also checking out the beach, or is she watching me, waiting for her bite?
I finally hand off the remaining half to Diane.
One final look back at Hodad's on our way back to our car. You can see that even at 2pm the line is still there.
Diane tries to be creative in taking this picture of Hodad's from across the street through another restaurants outdoor counter that isn't full of people like at Hodads.
And of course this flower growing in someones front yard along the sidewalk.

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  1. oh yumm..my mouth is drooling like Mallerys..that hamburg looks yummy!!