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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

San Diego Zoo Part II


Part II

Bamboo You also had to be very quiet when you entered this area, so not to disturb the Panda's while they ate their bamboo. So cute. First time for us seeing a Panda. Baby Panda relaxing in the hammock with his back to us of course. You realize by the way the animals turn their backs to the crowds or stay at the back of their cages, that they are shy and don't want to be around all of us. I finally caught her on the stump of a tree facing me. Micronesian Kingfisher I like pink!
Southern Laughing Kookaburra from Australia. My first experience watching Koala Bears. She has her baby under her chest. Now on her back. They sleep 20+ hour a day. We always get the back side. These lovely birds flew over and above us at a live show. The sea lion was also a great performer for his treats. We were in the 2ND row, so we got up close and personal with this wolf. They had a petting zoo with some farm animals for the kids. I always wanted a goat! I love Zebra's. They are so cool. Saddlebill Stork White-faced Duck from South America and Africa I had to go back to see the baby Panda. He was awake and playing around, but he tried not to face us. You have to wait in line to see the Panda's. Glad we went during the week. There were many other animals at the zoo, and we didn't have time to see them all. To see all of the zoo, you really need at least 2 full days to see everything at a nice enjoyable pace. I love flowers, plants, and animals and really enjoyed the zoo, but as much as I love to see the animals, and as much as the San Diego Zoo try to give the animal lots of space, toys,and challenges in their large pens, I just have a hard time enjoying seeing them in confinment and not in their natural environment. I hope you enjoyed the San Diego Zoo with Joe and I!

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