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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zoo Part III - Black Mangabey


I made this a separate blog, because I enjoyed watching the 2 monkeys so much. Joe and I are so different. He is always wanting to hurry up to go and do, whatever it is. When we get there he is ready to go off and do the next thing. He has a hard time just relaxing and enjoying what is around him. I think in general all men are like this to an extent. They have that instincts to go out to search and hunt for the food. On the other hand I have always been slow and like to plod along, taking my time at everything. It has always drove Joe, (and all my old boyfriends) crazy. That is one reason Joe calls me a princess, because he ends up doing things for me to get us going. Anyway, most of the time while at the zoo, we were on the go from one thing to the next, never really taking the time to just watch the present animals, because we had a lot to see. We came to these 2 monkeys, and I finally stood my ground, and enjoyed just watching them for a while.

Nothing different then what you usually see monkey's doing. The one monkey is searching the other monkey, I believe, for bugs and then eating them. First she searches his back.
Then his rear end,
Then his outer thigh. A lot is on that thigh. She stays there for a while, while he just relaxes. Now she lifts up his leg and gets to picking on his calf. On to the back of the thigh.
He takes a break and stretches.I got a close up of his face.
It's is time for his neck to be checked out now. After awhile it's on to his back. I think he is doing yoga as well to stay in limber.
She thinks she should look under his arm . I really have not figured out if she is doing this for love of her mate, or for her stomach. Probably a little of both.

Now his hand needs to be looked at and cleaned.
OK she decided the back of his neck needs a better checking out again!

I would have liked to stay long enough to see how long this went on or if they changed places, but I think I am pushing my luck with my husband. He has been very very patient, but I can tell, it is getting on his nerves as he waits off to the side away from me. He left when the monkey first starting cleaning her mate's back. It's been fun watching them, as she took care of her mate so thoroughly as time passed by. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses or monkeys in this case. We need to take time to slow down and enjoy what's around us, or you miss things, the simple things, when you are in such a big hurry. I got a good chuckle and smile on my face during the last few minutes I slowed down.

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