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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ocean Beach Part I


After another Monday -Thursday our passport membership cheap rates ended again, so we drove out of the Mission Harbor RV Resort to the city park's parking lot next door.
In the morning we opened our front window curtains to see the city park parking lot full with us sandwiched in. We have found that the people who live in San Diego really utilize their parks.

We still had a few things to see and do before we wanted to leave San Diego, like go to this dog beach in the community of Ocean Beach in San Diego. We walked up the ramp with Mallery to enjoy the nice day. Can you see the giant imprint of a dog's paw in the sidewalk?
Ocean Beach Dog Beach.
It is very busy with lots of dogs and their familys.
It is a huge beach area that follows along the ocean and then along a river that empties into the ocean.
Mr. Pug came over to welcome Mallery to the dog beach, since it was her first time there!
Then Mr. Pug said Hi to Joe and stood by him for awhile.
Mallery got jealous and said, " Hr. Pug that is my Dad, so please go now "!
The dogs next to us were running around enjoying their weekend, while one dog was getting lots of hugs from his dad.This dog said, " I am so glad to be back to the beach where I can dig again, without being in trouble"
I thinks he was going to dig to China!
His head is gone now.
Lots of surfer also on the dog beach.
And dogs playing ball.
This lady was giving me a look, wondering why I was taking her picture. I wanted to show you her dog swimming in the river that flowed to the ocean. It had a very strong current so it really gave the big dogs lots of exercise.
We are now walking along the river.
Many dogs have been here!
After our long walk along the out-going river, we walk back to the ocean. It looks like the dog is still digging, but in a different area.
There were lots of dogs chasing each other in the water. Everywhere I look I see doggies in doggy heaven!
Just out beyond the dogs,there are many surfers waiting for the perfect wave.
I look over to the beach where no dogs are allowed. Not as much fun going on there. Like I said at the last dog beach we visited, " I am glad there are people who realize dogs need a beach too." Thanks city leaders of San Diego. You are doing a great job!

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