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Sunday, April 4, 2010

San Diego Zoo


BoldOne of the main reason we came to San Diego was because I want to go to the world famous San Diego Zoo.When we first arrived we jumped on the 45 minute open air bus tour around the park to get an overview of the Zoo. We got on the top level so I could enjoy the sun. We found that you have the best view of some of the animals because they tend to stay in the back of their pen area or turn their back toward you. A lot of the bus tour's view is on the back side of the animals pens. The San Diego Zoo is also considered a botanical garden, so get prepared for flowers and plants. A good view of the lion, because he was at the back of his cage. I love the peacock. He was all over the place. He has the run of the park. Another kind of red orange flowering tree. Black-neck Swan from South America They have a chair lift to take you to the other side of the park. But you really can't see too much up there except a few large animals. We saw the Aviary, but we never had time to visit it. I forget what this little guy was, but he/she looked like a statue. Cape Blue Duiker from Africa. MeerkratWhit-headed Lapwing. Klipspringer New Guinea Singing Dog. You have to be quiet around this dog or he will sing. We must have talked to loud because we heard him sing. Tomorrow PartII

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