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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cape Foulweather & Devil's Punchbowl

    Thursday 7/26/2012

We continued our drive south of Lincoln City, OR, and stopped at Cape Foulweather

Gift Shop at Cape Foulweather.

There was a lookout inside, but I got side tracked looking around. That doesn't surprise me.

A bench outside for husbands.

Further down a walking path we found a really nice lookout spot.

With my zoom lens I was able get Yaquina Head in Newport, OR.


There were more whale boats out from this point. Joe saw several whale blows from here.

We drove further to Devil's Punchbowl State Natural Area. I was temped, but didn't give in to the temptations, because I would have rather had ice cream and it was too cool for that.

There is a Mo's West at this stop. Joe and I didn't think Mo's was that great. ( It was good, but to get us to eat out, it has to be great).

Joe saw several more whale blows from this spot also. I was too impatient and went for a walk with Mallery along the foot path.

I found a beach on my walk with a lot of surfers.

We drove to the parking lot to the entrance to the Devil's Punchbowl Beach just down the street.

We saved our exercise for walking down and up the stairs.

Devil's Punchbowl Beach

Lot of surfers all in wet suits. The water is much to cold even at the end of July for swimming or surfing without a wetsuit.

This side of the beach has a steep wall, hence the name, " Devil's Punchbowl".


Time to get our exercise!

Some interesting flowers on the way up the stairs.


Or at least a good excuse for a break on the way up.

We headed home from our day's outing. As we drove down the river road to our campground, I took a picture of the "Barking Dog Farm" that has awesome fruits and veggies. If you are in Licoln City, I recommend you get your produce there.

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