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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Florence to Davis Cabinets in Juction City, OR

                                 Sunday 7/1/2012

It was time to head east and leave the coast for a bit to get some work done on Nest 2. We took Hwy. 126 on the north shores of the Siuslaw River.

The Siuslaw River Marina RV Park is just NE of Florence and has riverfront sites.

 The tenderhouse on the swing span of Coos Bay Rail Link - Siuslaw River Bridge # 7.

It is also called the Cushman Bridge ( because it is located in Cushman, OR.).  It was built in 1914.

Hwy 126 follows Siuslaw River for quite a while.

Hwy. 126 takes you through the Petersen Tunnel. The tunnel was built in 1957. It is one hour from the tunnel to the coast.

The highest elevation on Hwy. 126 from Florence to Eugene is 769 feet at Cougar Pass.

The road was fairly decent all the way to Eugene. A bit windy at times, but not too bad.

We entered the south end of the Willamette Valley as we descend the foothills.

We turned north on Territorial Road just west of Eugene, which took us past Fern Ridge Lake.

We turn east on Hwy. 36 toward Junction City, OR., population 5,392. There are vineyards in Oregon also.

We found Davis Cabinets in the small town of Junction City, OR. and pull in to the parking lot. The drive was 75 miles , a hour and 30 minutes drive.

We had an appointment for Monday morning.

We found one spot left in the back and hooked up to electricity for the night.

We are currently located in Rockaway Beach on the northern coast of Oregon.

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