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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our New Custom Cabinets By Davis Cabinets


                                     Monday 7/16/2012

Before: I wanted to show our before and after pictures. I couldn't find my previous picture, without the new cabinet, so you will have to use your imagination. This frame cabinet was the oak frame that was made by mistake instead of the maple fame. Of course this fame was scraped. It was much darker than our maple cabinets, but does't show in picture.
After: After a couple of redo's we ended up with these cabinets. It was worth all the stress.

In the picture, the color looks like it is an exact match. But the new custom cabinets are slightly lighter. Hopefully when they darken as Shaun said they would do, they will be a exact match. I have a place to put my computer now, when I get up from the recliner.

The fist drawer is a pull out that my laptop goes in. When I get a second computer cord, the cord will be connected inside the drawer. For now I just plug my cord above the cabinet because I need to take it to coffee shops when we don't have a good internet connection.

The second pull out is for Joe's laptop, and the bottom is for the printer, The drawers on the next cabinet are just added storage.
Before; We had bought a TV and placed it on the pantry counter, so I could watch TV while I did dishes. Every time we traveled, Joe would have to unhook the TV and I placed it between our pillows for safe travels on the road.

After: Davis Cabinets put in a bracket that held the TV in place.

The TV can be swiveled to the right or left and put in a lock position when traveling. It also can be put up out of the way, though we never seem to use that position.
Before:  This use to be an entertainment cabinet with an outdated stereo system. It was a huge space, but because it was so deep, we had a hard time keeping it organized, and unable to reach back to get things in or out.
After: The space was divided and a shelve was added above.

Before: There was no cabinet door on the side of the large deep cabinet above.

After:  A cabinet door was added to the side of the big cabinet.

After: Two slide out drawers were put behind the divided wall.
Before: Old smaller TV with no storage behind it because the TV had a huge back end. Joe always had to open the closet doors so he could get a signal from the cable box which was placed on a shelve in the closet.
After: New larger flat screen TV with cable box cut out below TV. Now the closet door does not have to be opened to change channels, volume, or turn TV on or off.

After: Mega extra storage, though Joe and I have not found time to utilize it yet.

We are very happy with Davis Cabinets work, now that it is all done. We would recommend Davis Cabinets to others, but would advise a few things to avoid the problems we had. 1) Have Shaun show you what the wood color will look like before any projects are started. Ask them to cut, stain and varnish a small piece of wood before any cabinets are made. 2)  Have Davis Cabinets provide an itemized estimate of all work that is to be done. We were given a verbal estimate, but the bill seemed much higher then what we were told. Then a month after the work was done, Davis Cabinet called and said the new TV had not been added to the billed. At that time we told them we had thought the bill was much higher than what we had been told, but since we didn't have it in writing, we were going by memory, and didn't want to make any more waves. Joe got out the bill and told him how much we paid for the TV and cabinet. (It was much higher than what we were told it would be). Because we told Shaun at that time, we felt the bill was higher then quoted, Shaun said just forget it and hung up. It is too bad that Davis Cabinets don't do routine estimates and pre- wood presentation, because all these frustrations and extra cost between both parties, could have been avoided. We feel Davis Cabinets do a great job with their cabinetry, but there are some issues with communication and billing. If you take the two advises above, you will be very happy with their work. If we needed more work, we would not hesitate to return to them, but we would make sure there was a clearer understanding of the wood color and have a itemized estimate done before any work was started.
                 Our bill at Davis Cabinets was $3,400. Our bill at Guaranty was $4,155. Work at Guaranty included: replaing entry step motor, new washer and dryer installed, pulled off and inspect one front wheel to check brakes, replace wheel seal, refilled hub with oil.Checked house and chassis batteries. add water to batteries. Inspect wires and connection of batteries. Replace battery cable. Sealed gasket on drivers side front slide. Inspected for water leak when kitchen slide goes in. They said they found a leak on the filter and fixed it, but we still have a small puddles on floor when slide is opened after road trips. Replaced escape window seal that was stuck to fame preventing escape window to open. Fixed windshield wiper that was stuck on low speed. Put closet mirror door back into the track that had come out. Performed Hydraulic oil service.Back up light was corroded Cleaned and replaced,  It was a very expensive 2 weeks in Junction City.

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