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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pacific City, OR.

Saturday 7/21/2012

After walking on Neskowin Beach we continued north on Hwy. 101 to do a day drive. First stop was at the Winema Wayfinding Point.

The stop has many information exhibits that tell you of sights and stops going north or south of this point. It also has a list of camping, hiking, day parks, marina's and etc. found north and south of that point.

It also has a view of the ocean and beach below.

It was a beautiful day to be at the beach on the Oregon coast.
If we wanted to follow the coast, we had to jump off Hwy. 101 for awhile. and head toward Pacific City, OR.
We followed the Nestucca River into Pacific City, OR. Looking toward the ocean and Pacific City. Check out the giant rock in the center of the picture.

Looking up river.

As we entered into Pacific City, we saw signs telling us that Pacific City is the " Home Of The Dory Boats". As we drove into the small town, we found heavy traffic, and floats moving up the main road. I saw a local art shop, as we sat in the non moving traffic, and had Joe pull into the shops parking. We look around until the traffic dissipated. The owner of the shop told us that the Dory Days Parade had just got over and the we could see the Dory boats launched at the beach. For more than a century, boats have gone to sea from this sandy beach and shelter of Cape Kiwanda. There is no other harbor, port, or fishing fleet anywhere in the world exactly like this. It is truly unique how we evolved.
 Quote from the Oregon Coast Visitor Guide

We made our way to the Pacific Beach and checked to see if Mallery was welcome. No signs about dogs, so she must have been welcome.

From the beach we got a great view of Pacific City Haystack Rock.This is the rock we say from our hwy approach to the city.

Pacific Haystack Rock stands at 340.6 feet tall.

We walked north on the beach.

Mallery LOVES Oregon beaches.

She is always welcome and it is never HOT.

As we walked the beach we could see crowds of people to the north.

Homes hidden from sand dunes.

Mallery looked at me with appreciation and was probably thinking," Thanks Mom for bring me with you on your day drive! I know dad would have left me at home" ( Joe always wants to leave Mallery home, because she prevents us from going into some places).

We could see it was a long walk to where the people were, so we walked back toward our car.

As we got off the beach and almost to the car, we got this view of homes on the hill in Pacific City.

We drove past a housing district called Dory Point in Pacific City toward Cape Kiwanda.

There is a nice campground in the center of Pacific City. If we ever come back this way, I would like to stay at Cape Kiwanda RV Resort.

We found some parking near the Pelican Pub and Brewery,

and walked around to the beach and found the crowd of people.

Four wheel drive trucks and SUV's lined the beach.

We found a couple of empty chairs outside of Pelican Pub & Brewery and waited for the Dory Boat show.

While we waited, we notice people climbing up the steep sand dune to the north of us.

The people looked like little ants climbing the sand dune.

We waited and waited and saw a few Dory Boats on trailers behind their tow car, but nothing happened. I asked a few people around me if they knew when the Dory Boats were going out. Nobody knew anything either. They all said they were not from around there. One Dory Boat went out, but then came back in. The owner of the art shop said that they all go out and it make a pretty picture.

While we waited, we enjoyed the sun and the beautiful day. It was one of the warmest days we have had on the coast.

We watched the surfers and just relaxed. Something we seldom do.

Lots of surfers at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR.

Mallery was getting hot so after about an hour we decided it was time to get back to our day drive to the north.

To be continued:

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