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Monday, August 20, 2012

Neskowin Creek RV Resort, Neskowin, OR.

                                     Tuesday 7/17/2012

With all our motor home service done and new cabinets, it was time to get back on the road.

We left Junction City heading north on Hwy. 99W. Views of the Coastal Mountains to the west.

We drove on Hwy. 99W to Hwy. 22, just west of Salem, OR. Felt like we were back in Iowa with the rolling hills and farming in this area.

At Hwy. 22 we turn west toward the coast.

There were several vineyards west of Salem. Hwy. 22 connected with Hwy. 18 West.

The drive through the Coastal Mountain was very easy. We must have gone through a  pass, because it was just basically a gradual decent on Hwy. 18 

We knew we were near the coast, because we entered into a thick fog. At the coast, Hwy. 18 ended at the junction of Hwy. 101. We turned north for just a few miles to our next home.

Neskowin Creek RV Resort is a ROD park, so our stay is free with our membership. Good thing, we needed to save some money somewhere with the expense we just incurred in Junction City,OR.

The usual guard shack with no one in it.

We cross a creek which was probably Neskowin Creek.

You can see the pool and club houses in this picture as we pulled into the park.

Gravel in roads through out the park.

We got a site that at least had a view of a empty field and not the back side of another RV.

After setting up, we did our usual check out the new neighborhood.

We peaked into the Clubhouse. Something was going on so we moved on, but I had Joe grab me a free bag of popcorn first.

Pool house.

Indoor pool we never used.

Joe said he had read a sigh that said not to feed the rabbits.

Where did the domestic rabbits come from?

Very, very, small work out room we didn't use.

Playground we definately didn't use.

Tennis court we didn't find time for!

On the last third part of our drive to the coast I saw these bushes all along the highway. I couldn't tell from the bus if they were red berries or red flowers,

so I had to check them out when I saw them in our park. I did a lookup on the internet and I think this is a Red Elderberry bush. The berries are edible only when cooked.

There are 3-4 rentals in the park.

The Salmon Run looked like the nicest rental.

While in Junction City, we met a couple from Texas. Bill and Sheila had some work done at Davis Cabinets also. A couple of days after we arrived at Neskowin Creek RV Resort, Bill and Sheila pulled up right next to us. They have the black and cream RV that is on the left side of us in this picture.

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