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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune, OR. Challenge

Sunday 7/22/2012

After we got home from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Joe wanted to go back to Pacific City to the Pelican Pub & Brewery for a drink with views.

He said he wanted to have a drink and I could drive home. Joe enjoying his dark beer and view and chilling out.

I got bored after awhile, so I told Joe I wanted an order of onion rings.

While we waited for our onion rings, I watch people climb Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune.

I had Joe get our zoom out of the car, so I could get a better picture of the people at the top. 5/6th of the way to the top there is a place to sit and rest.

Joe was ready to go, but I still didn't have my onion rings. I should have ordered a piece of pie.

The rings finally came with two different flavored dips.

A order of onion rings cost $11.99. This is why we seldom eat out!

But the view was worth at least $5.00 I guess.

                                   Monday 7/23/2012

I had told Joe the night before while we were at the Pelican Pub & Brewery that I wanted to try to climb the sand dune at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. So the next day we drove back to Pacific City, 9 miles north of us.That morning Neskowin was fogged in, but when we got close to Pacific City the sun was out.

As we walked the beach to the sand dune, we noticed the western gulls were taking over someones beach set up while they were gone.

Looking up Kiwanda Cape Sand Dune.

Joe and I start the climb. After about 10 steps I need a break. It's was going to be a long haul.

OK, we got to this height with at least 9 stops. A look to the ocean.

A look toward the town area.

A bit further up, Joe said he didn't feel he needed to climb higher. The views were just fine for him there. Even though I am the one who has to take a break after 7 to 10 steps, I told him I wanted to keep going.

Joe left me and headed across the sand dune for another area to check out. I told him I would meet him over there later.

After at least 20 breaks, I notice a group of people heading up the dune.

I continued up and finally got to the area where there was a cement or wood ( can't remember which it was) ridge to sit on.

At this point I was about even with the hill top homes and on my 25 break.

The group of people who started coming up the dune after I was more than half way up were now at the ridge, where I had just left. They made it there with maybe 3 stops. It took me at least 20 stops. ( I get very short of breath on climbs or in hot weather- ( I have had test, but no one seems to be able to tell me what is causing this problem).

The last 5 feet I crawled on my hands and knees, and as I peeked over the ridge I got sand pounded in my mouth, ears, and nose. I am sure I would have had sand in my eyes also if I didn't have my sunglasses on. Hint: when getting close to the top, get to your feet as fast as possible!

I was just to exhausted to stand (and had sand in every orifices all ready anyway), so I took a picture over the ridge looking north,

and to the west,

then got below the ridge fast! It might have taken me a while to climb the dune, but I didn't see anyone my age climbing the 500ft dune either.

I knew I was going to pay for the climb the next 3 days or so, with sore muscles, but I am a goal oriented person, so the climb was worth the soreness to come. I continues crossing the dune to the west and found Joe waiting for me below.

When I caught up with Joe  we continued the dune trek.

On this side of the sand dune there was a cove carved out by the sea. Pacific City Haytack was peaking behind the cove.

We saw that the sea had carved out a cave in the side of the cape.

I had Joe stand in front of it at a closer spot.

Looking out toward the ocean, where two guys were getting closer to the cove.

I wouldn't get that close. A sneaker wave might come in and take you to sea.

As we were leaving a flock of sea birds came into the cove area. Wondered why? We headed to the parking lot and headed home.

As we got closer to Neskowin, we could see it was still fogged in.

I really like the community of Neskowin, but it seems to be fogged in more times than not, where as Pacific City seems to be more sunny.

Just outside of Neskowin, I had Joe stop at a housing community that had some building sites. The community is called Sahhali Shores.

The gate was open, so we .drove up to look at the building lots. Some of the lots had some great views.

This house for sale had a great view and the price had dropped a lot. The home had 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, skylights and  2036 square feet. A hot tub was located on the deck. Still too pricey for us.



  1. good climb good pictures

  2. Thanks Anonymous. The climb was well worth it with the great views. I would do it again not only for the view but for the workout also!

  3. Just was there two weeks ago, unfortunately it was so fogged in there wasn't the reward of the nice sunny view that you had, but still a fun climb!

    1. I have heard this year the west coast has been much more foggy and windy. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy it like we did. Hopefully you live closer and can go back some day.